Why a Professional Portfolio

You’ve decided to become a model…

whether you go with an agency or go freelance, you’re going to need pictures.

So you can put together some favorite photos of yourself or you can ask a friend or family member to try their luck at shooting a portfolio for you, but the modeling sites are cluttered with pages of family photos from models whos careers never took off for lack of professional photos.

The most common way for decades has been TF shoots. Time For, it used to be print now it’s CD or DVD. Time for Print/CD shoots are a trade, you volunteer your time and the photographer trades you prints or digital files. Time For shoots can be great, every time you shoot, you get practice, exposure to other photographers and you gain credibility. But… and sometimes it can be a Big But. Just like models, good photographers are in the  business to make money, they don’t work for free if they don’t have to. Photographers who are shooting Time For shoots are, like the models, new at their profession and are still working on perfecting poses, lighting, composition and other aspects of their photographic style. The results may or may not be some that you would want to post in your portfolio. Well established photographers will many times offer Time For shoots if they are looking for a specific look they need to add, or have a creative project that they think you would be good for. And while these shoots can be great additions to your portfolio remember that the photographer is using you to fulfill their vision and while they may show their artistry, it might not necessarily show off yours. And keep in mind that just owning a camera, does not make you a photographer. There is nothing scarier than showing up for a TF shoot with a photographer you have never met at a run down apartment house.

Finally, and least popular, you can hire a photographer to shoot a portfolio for you. This should be the most popular. When you hire a photographer, you are the customer. It is their job to shoot your portfolio your way. Just as they would with any other client. As a customer, you have a right to satisfaction. If you do not like your photos, you can ask for a refund or a reshoot. In many cases you are also working with established professionals that have had long standing studios and reputations and a chance to meet with the photographer and plan the shoot before hand.

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